Project outcomes

The project has completed. The designed and constructed prototype installations as well as an overview on the research outcomes are reported in the project’s website. The entries of the main menu should help to navigate through the description of all the research stages and tasks of the conducted project. The detailed information regarding the gained … Read more

Vacancy – a short-term PhD student position

A short-term PhD student position is available for the following research scope:“Preparation of multiphysics numerical models of the tested foil bearing using finiteelement code, development of validation and verification procedures for all numericalmodels tested (finite elements, finite differences and peridynamic) using the results ofexperiments. Reporting the results from model validation at each stage of the … Read more

Get to know about research project on gas foil bearings!

Welcome! Here, you can find information on the research project dedicated to gas foil bearings (GFB)s. The scope of the undertaken study covers new concept of designing GFBs, CAD visualizations, numerical computations and reporting prototype installation. Prototype installation of a GFB with mounted bushing shell which is equipped with multifunctional top foil and the three … Read more